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Seattle Pest Control and Home Services: 4 Clues That A Raccoon Might Be Living Under Your Home

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 Clues That A Raccoon Might Be Living Under Your Home

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A crawl space is a creepy place.  It is a dark and foreboding place that none of us really want to be in.  With the all the spider webs hanging down and the tight places, it seems like a perfect place for a horror movie (actually there has been a couple) and as uninviting as it seems, it makes a perfect home for raccoons or other wildlife.

If you think about it, they have everything that they need in there.  Your subfloor insulation provides warmth and makes the perfect bed when they tear it down and put it on the ground.  Also, it is safe because larger animals like dogs, can't fit in.  They love the place and quickly make themselves at home like in this Allstate commercial where Mayhem is a raccoon.

A raccoon can do a lot of damage very quickly and it can be dangerous to come in contact with a mother and her kits, so it is better to try and avoid this situation altogether.  Here are some helpful hints on how you can quickly recognize the signs that a raccoon might be living under your home so that you can do something about it.

1) Broken foundation vent screens

This should be an immediate red flag.  If you have a broken vent screen, you have left the door wide open for animals or rodents to get in.  Many times, cable companies will run wires under your home and simply punch out a screen and leave it open.  I have seen this a lot and it has cost home owners ton of money because of it.  If you have an open screen on your home right now, that is a problem that needs to be fixed right away.  You will want to have someone do an inspection to make sure something is not living under there before you patch the screen, so it does not die trying to get out.  Most pest control companies in Seattle will do this service for free.  As long as your screens are intact, you should not have a problem under your home.

2) A pile of poop

Okay, I will try and keep this clean.  Raccoons like to go to the bathroom in the same place.  They are pretty picky about it and won't just go anywhere like your dog will.  Once they pick a spot, they use it over and over again.  If you see lots of droppings in one area, this is a sure-fire sign of raccoons in the area.   If they are in the area, they are going to be looking for a home and you should be extra cautious to make sure that you do not have an entry point. Also, be careful about coming in contact with the droppings because they can carry roundworm egg that can be transmitted through their feces.  Although rare, this can be fatal, so be careful.

3) Your pets are freaking out

If you have a dog that is barking at one of your foundation vents, this could be a bad sign.  Raccoons will not get along with your pets and will make them extremely agitated.  If you recognize this, it might be time to start looking around for the other signs.  I had a raccoon outside of my house a few weeks ago and was alerted to it because the neighbor cat kept freaking out at night.  If they are roaming your neighborhood, then they are living somewhere.  Make sure that place is not in your home.

4) Hearing noises

So this would be the obvious one, but it is amazing how many people ignore it.  If you are hearing a scratching noise under your home or in your attic, you should always do something about it.  Too much damage can happen while you wait.

If you suspect that you have a raccoon living in your home and need Seattle area pest control, please give me call and I would love to assist you with that.  Or, click here if you need a Portland pest control company.

Photo credit: alasam / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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